LifeSize Team 200

Featuring Rich High Definition Video

LifeSize Team 200 Product Image

LifeSize® Team 200™ is the next step in work-group video communications. In a single, easy-to-use system, you get the three major benefits that LifeSize delivers:

Technology is just the starting point for an improved communications experience. With LifeSize Team 200, you get True HD video quality (720p30) for natural, realistic interactions. You get unparalleled ease-of-use and flexibility for work-groups, with dual high definition display and camera support, digital input and output connections, an embedded multi-point control unit (MCU), and dual microphones.

Committed to open architecture, LifeSize systems are standards-based, providing seamless interoperability into your existing infrastructure. And you get unmatched price performance for a video communications experience that turns ROI into a winning business proposition.

Outside-the-box working experience

Beyond technologies, over and above service and support, there’s the proven enrichment in work-group efficiency that LifeSize Team 200 offers. LifeSize designs video communications solutions with absolutely simple usability in mind. This is the face-to-face communications experience to rely on when you need to get decisions made quickly and confidently. LifeSize Team 200 proves once again that the LifeSize difference is the LifeSize experience: Superior video communications across cities, across countries, and across continents.


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